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What’s happening here at iLendingDIRECT is exciting, and each and every one of our employees contributes in such an important way.

When you are part of something that just feels different and special, you are motivated to be engaged in your job and the environment in which you work. It all starts with our CEO, Nancy Fitzgerald. Nancy truly and deeply cares about each and every employee, their families and their success, both professionally and personally.

From the moment you walk in the building, there is an unmistakable energy that makes you want to be here. It is a family environment, where you are free to be yourself and contribute to something greater than yourself. Our success is attributed to the amazing leadership team that has gone out of its way to ensure that their associates have everything they need to be successful.

The leaders and employees of iLendingDIRECT work very hard to be on the same page, working together toward a common goal. The executive team is always thinking about how to improve our workplace and bolster employee satisfaction. Employees are recognized on a daily, weekly and monthly basis for their hard-work, contribution, and dedication to the team. Everyone is encouraged to share ideas about how to take our business to the next level.

Nancy Fitzgerald President & CEO iLendingDIRECT

Nancy Fitzgerald serves as the CEO of iLendingDIRECT. In her role, Nancy leads the management team and drives execution of the company’s business plan. She also fosters relationships and develops partnerships with national and international financial companies to help provide their employees and members exceptional financial services.



Tom HogateTom Holgate serves as President & COO for iLendingDIRECT. In this role, he is responsible for driving growth initiatives and efficiently scaling operations to meet the needs of new and existing business ventures. Prior to joining iLendingDIRECT, he served as COO of BFS Capital, where he implemented strategies that resulted in drastic improvement in loan request response time, developed a quality control program, and grew recovery collections revenue; all of which drove significant revenue growth. Before BFS Capital, Tom worked for such notable companies as Southern Auto Finance Company, American Credit Acceptance, Freedom Financial Group, Wells Fargo Financial, and American General Financial Group.


Stephanie Meinerz, VP of Operations, iLendingDIRECTStephanie Meinerz serves as Vice President of Operations for iLendingDIRECT. In this role, she is responsible for leading the internal processes for promoting and ensuring iLendingDIRECT’s compliance with laws, regulations, company policies and contracts. She also chairs our compliance committee, which oversees compliance risk management and internal complaint reporting programs. Additionally, she is responsible for formulating and implementing iLendingDIRECT’s policies and procedures, including ensuring that appropriate and effective goals are developed, implemented, and monitored in accordance with governmental standards and requirements and our company Core Values.